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API Request Credit Usage

We limit the number of records returned to a maximum of 100 per request in any language. Each request consumes 1 credit. However, if you choose to force an update by setting "force_update=1", it will consume 2 credits. Additionally, if you opt for spinning content by setting "spin=1", it will consume 5 credits.

    • Please count the requests only when the response code is {200} and return some records.
    • If API endpoints that return an error or empty responses are not count in request.
    • You can login in your dashboard to check your usage.
    • Credit refresh each month of your billing date.
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News List

  • api_key = Your_API_Key
  • find

    You need to include additional search terms to refine your news search. The "find" parameter scans through news titles, descriptions, and content for specific keywords. If any of these keywords appear anywhere in the news, it will be included in the results. The default setting is none, but you can input various terms such as EUR/USD, Trump, World War 3, Nasdaq Stocks, or any other relevant word to tailor your search.

    • Enclose the keyword in quotes "your words" to ensure an exact match
    • To refine your news search, you can use the "+" symbol before words to ensure both terms are present in the articles you're looking for. For instance, if you're interested in news about China and cricket, you'd search for "+China +cricket" (without the brackets). This way, you'll get results specifically related to both China and cricket, providing you with more relevant and targeted news articles.
    • If you want to exclude certain topics from news searches, you can use a parameter like "-before" followed by the word you want to avoid. For instance, let's say you're interested in news about Trump, but you don't want anything related to his birthday. You'd use the parameter "trump -birthday" (without the brackets). This way, you'll get news about Trump while filtering out any mentions of his birthday.
  • find_title

    If you specify your search keywords within the "find_title" parameter, the search will exclusively look for news articles where those keywords appear solely in the title.
    Please enter one parameter at a time, either "Find" or "Find_title." If "Find" is included as a parameter, "Find_title" will be ignored.


    Rules Same as "Find" parameter.

  • from

    If you're diving into historical news using the API, simply pinpoint the date you're interested in by setting the "from" and "to" parameters. This way, you'll get exactly the data you're looking for without any need.
    Default: none
    Format: YYYY-MM-DD E.g: 2018-01-01
    OR: YYYY-MM-DDTHour:Min E.g: 2018-01-01T12:30

  • to = Same as from

    When you use the news history API, you'll need to include the "From" parameter.


    When you not set FROM and TO parameters, then it will return latest 100 News.

  • language

    You have the option to specify the language parameter, ensuring that the API delivers all news articles in your chosen language.
    Default: en
    Valid Values: ar {Arabic}, de {German}, en {English}, es {Spanish}, fr {French}, it {italian}, nl {Dutch}, pt {Portuguese}, ru {Russian} OR all {all languages}

  • sortby = Return news by sort

    Default: latest
    Valid Values: latest, popular, match

    latest: return latest news by date.
    popular: return famous news first based on source.
    match: return most match words in news first.

  • force_update

    We keep our news feed refreshed with updates on each keyword every 4 hours. However, if you require the very latest news every time, you have the option to set "force_update=1" in the parameters. Just be aware that this will incur an additional credit charge for each request.
    Default: 0
    Valid Values: 0, 1

  • spin

    You can spin news title and description to new sentence, to get unique text.
    E.g. Title : "I like when you talk with me", Spin Title: "i really like when you speak with me"


    When you set spin parameter then "force_update" parameter is not required, it will always give you latest news, Spin count 3 credit per request.

    Default: 0
    Valid Values: 0, 1

  • output = Set your API response format.

    Default: json
    Valid Values: json, jsonp, object, xml, serialize and array


Please provide the most recent news articles that mention "EUR/USD" sorted by date. 

Return the most popular news articles based on source credibility, prioritizing those containing the term "investment" (استثمار in Arabic). This search will be conducted exclusively in Arabic-language news sources.استثمار&sortby=popular&language=ar&api_key=Your_API_Key 
Most Match:

Return most matched words first, and search in News title only. stock&sortby=match&api_key=Your_API_Key 
From Specific Date:

Return all news sort by date ASC that contain words "America Market". Market&from=2024-05-16T14:16:26&to=2024-05-17T14:16:26&api_key=Your_API_Key 
Response Object
  "status": true,
  "code": 200,
  "msg": "Successfully",
  "response": [
      "source": "https:\/\/\/x\/be2baf85ec99d21d",
      "author": "",
      "title": "Prospect of Higher-For-Longer...",
      "description": "The U.S. dollar firmed across..."
      "publishedAt": "2024-04-30T09:42:04Z",
      "content": "The U.S. dollar firmed across...",
      "image": "https:\/\/\/p\/be2baf85ec99d21d\/s.webp",
      "site": ""
  "info": {
      "st": "2023-09-06 21:53:51 UTC",
      "cc": 1